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NEW PROJECT OF THE COMPANY IBW STRATEGY: An extensive survey of loyalty factors of IT industry employees in the Republic of Serbia
NEW PROJECT OF THE COMPANY IBW STRATEGY: An extensive survey of loyalty factors of IT industry employees in the Republic of Serbia
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Original Conversations Original Conversations
Original Conversations
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Investigating the link between company value and underlying value drivers Investigating the link between company value and underlying value drivers
Investigating the link between company value and underlying value drivers
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About us

About us

IBWS is a company providing business advisory services and support to business transactions in the South-East Europe region.

<strong>IBWS</strong> is the multidisciplinary team of experts with knowledge about the market of South-East Europe capable of providing an effective diagnose all potential options for growth and optimization in your organization, using the best contemporary practices and methodologies.

<strong>IBWS team</strong> applies modern knowledge in the field of corporate economics, business finance, marketing and communication, human resource management and organization management in order to foster growth of organization and gain competitive advantage.

<strong>IBWS team</strong> consists of experts in various fields, based in Belgrade, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Tirana and Podgorica.

Our goal

To positively influence the growth and development of organizations in South-East Europe region through business alliances with strategic partners and investment funds.

To provide support to owners and managers by diagnosing the potential for improvement of key business parameters.

To provide a competitive advantage that will be recognized by clients of the organization, with measurable improvements through the implementation of modern management models.

To apply the corporate governance system which will ensure efficient functioning of the organization with clearly defined authorisations and responsibilities.

Measured by

<li>Increase of market share by revenue growth, faster than the competition.</li>
<li>Increase of EBITDA through gross margins growth and cost reduction.</li>
<li>Increase of net profit by EBITDA growth and debt reduction.</li>
<li>Increase of the satisfaction of customers, employees and owners.</li>

The Basis of Our Success

Customized approach towards the organization with a team formed in line with the project objectives.

Risk management in line with organization's strategy and competitive environment.

Integration of employees in the organization and linking of business functions in order to reduce operating costs and improve overall performance.

Innovative methodology in determining the market niche for obtaining competitive advantages.

Our Advantages

A team of experienced professionals from the region of South-East Europe with credible and professional CVs.

Good connections with local and international capital markets.

Good connections with all companies and organizations in the markets of Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania, particularly in the production and trade of FMCG.

Good knowledge of operational management in all business segments.

IBWS characteristics:
<li>Efficient and high quality services,</li>
<li>Comprehensive approach</li>
<li>Competitive price</li>
<li>Continuous cooperation with the client and after services rendered.</li>

Our presence

<strong>IBWS</strong> has a wide network of business connections in the South-East Europe.

IBWS Consultants are present in <strong>Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania. </strong>

IBWS cooperates with foreign investors interested in entering the <strong>markets of South-East Europe</strong>.
<li>Bosnia Herzegovina</li>

Our presence

Social responsibility

By encouraging growth of companies we grow together as a society and economy as a whole.

By encouraging the development of corporate governance we advocate for transparency in business and building of confidence in capital markets.

By donating 3% of all profits to charity causes, IBWS is raising public awareness about the importance of socially responsible behaviour of organizations.


IBWS performs commercial, legal and financial due diligence as a prerequisite for successful implementation of various business transactions (take-overs of companies, mergers, joint ventures, divestments, spin-offs, etc.).

Our approach is comprehensive and covers commercial, legal, financial and, if needed, also other business aspects.

In addition to standard market analysis and audit of company history, its current situation and potential risks, etc., our due diligence process is also focused on identifying potential and value of individual transactions, for example, possible improvements of business operations, cost optimization potential, maximization of revenue and profits, potential for synergies and restructuring, optimization of capital structure,asset management and forecasting of future business.

IBWS covers the entire process of post merger integration (PMI). IBWS approach is tailored to each individual case, but always multi-disciplInary and aimed to fully capture the targeted value and all synergy effects.

IBWS runs initial diagnostics, defines all necessary steps in the PMI process carefully considering coordination between all segments of existing business and new entity, defines the key short-term (“quick wins”) and medium-term goals, implements and monitors the realization of targeted synergy effects, business restructuring goals, maximization of revenue and profits, simultaneously preserving smooth running of ongoing business. IBWS team is also focused on HR aspect of PMI process and focuses on merging of corporate cultures, which is one of the most important factors in successful integration of businesses.

IBWS covers all aspects and phases of complex business transactions – take-over of companies, mergers, joint ventures, finding potential investors, structuring of the transaction model (legal and financial aspect), taking into account both legal and tax regulations in the South-East Europe region, valuation and negotiation of purchase price and other terms, raising of required equity and debt financing, post-closing activities, etc.

If necessary, we also implement or defend against hostile takeovers. IBWS approach is focused on maximizing the value of the transaction and the minimization of associated risks, all with a goal to optimize the value and return for its customers.

IBWS offers consulting services to clients regarding sale of companies, SPVs, locations, real estate, business facilities, properties and assets in whole or in part, with the goal of finding appropriate investor, maximizing the purchase price and achieving all other targeted goals.

IBWS service is comprehensive and includes a thorough analysis and evaluation of operations, preparation of teaser and other materials, search for a potential buyer, conducting of due diligence and business valuations, determination of conditions and purchase price, coordinating and monitoring of the negotiation process and preparation and finalization of legal framework.

IBWS proposes and implements all necessary measures for successful cost optimization of the client, in order to achieve measurable results and benchmarks of best companies in client’s industry.

The service covers IBWS benchmark analysis of the current business operations of the client, definition of process metrics to measure progress, revision of the situation and implementation of specific measures to optimize all aspects of the business, negotiation of better conditions for all types of costs that are charged to clients, consideration of the possibilities of outsourcing, staffing and organizational optimization, audit and optimization of business processes and general implementation of best practices.

In cases of distressed clients with serious financial difficulties IBWS implements necessary drastic measures related to divestitures and immediate discontinuation of unprofitable activities.

Sustainability and growth of any organization is directly dependent on its willingness to adapt to market demands.

IBWS services in HR segment comprise establishment of organizational structures in accordance with mission, vision and strategic goals of the company at a given moment of business development, improvement of business processes and operational labor procedures in line with client’s objectives, optimization of the number of employees and their performance, improvement and growth of organizational culture, implementation of knowledge and skills of employees necessary for mastering new technologies and processes, and development of competencies of employees in order to optimize their performance along with its monitoring and rewarding.

IBWS provides services in bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation of companies, divestitures, spin-off’s, termination of business activities,market exits, sales of assets, etc.

Although it is often a complicated and delicate process, we have the experience and know how to complete these activities efficiently and at minimum cost, taking into account all legal and tax aspects and regulations. Based on our experiences in relation to complex projects during business liquidations, IBWS has established a comprehensive process for the suspension of business activities, keeping risks and costs at a minimum during the cessation of operations in South-East Europe.

IBWS is restructuring business operations of its clients in order to stabilize business and ensure long-term business sustainability and profitability.

IBWS approach is multidisciplinary and involves coordinated restructuring of all business segments: sales, commercial terms, cost optimization, financial restructuring, redefining and optimization of organizational structure, evaluation and improvement of personnel and human resources, stabilization of cash flows, divestitures of obsolete assets, closing and spin-off of loss making parts of business operations and, if necessary, fundamental changes in business models, etc.

IBWS is working intensively with top and middle management of the client in the implementation of all measures necessary for successful restructuring.

The existence of brand strategy is a prerequisite for brand’s long-term growth, strengthening of its value and its key attributes which are recognized by customers and employees.

The importance of brand strategy is supported by the fact that all other corporate strategies are derived from brand strategy and that the brand itself requires a significant investment of resources and eventually gains its own value.

The sophisticated methodology and experience of IBWS consultants in the development of brand strategy, market positioning through tailored marketing mix and communication channels and an estimation and growth of the brand value, are necessary to achieve win in fierce market competition.

Knowledge of category management is equally important to producers and traders. Each view it from a different angle, but both with the same goal – to maximize profits.

Understanding of the demand, based on empirical data and relevant research, is key when defining the purchasing policy of retailers on one hand and product portfolio of production companies on the other.

Vast experience of our consultants, specialized in different product categories and covering the whole process from creating a product range to making planograms and positioning on store shelves, is contributing to EBITDA growth and better management of net working capital.

The success of company and its operating result is dependent upon properly set pricing strategies adapted to targeted customer segment and local market, as well as appropriate sales and brand strategy.

Based on our experience with various sales strategies IBWS team will enable you to create and implement a winning sales/price strategy directed towards different customer segments through a variety of regionally adapted store formats and brands.

Loyalty and trust in the brand under which companies operate is a key prerequisite for achieving successful business result.

Private Label is a tool used to improve business performance of production and trade companies and is also indirectly enhancing loyalty.

Investments in loyalty can vary, however success is determined by the appropriate combination of model, available budget and associated services.

By creating private label strategy and loyalty models, adapted to the target customer and with extensive regional experience in these fields, IBWS offers differentiation from competitors, increase in customer loyalty and maximization of return on investment, with optimal ratio between investment and effects.

Well prepared plan is one of the most important factors in starting a new business and can be of key relevance when reaching decisions that make the difference between successful and unsuccessful project.

IBWS will help you in the preparation of short term, annual and long-term financial projections, whether for your internal or external purposes.

IBWS will consider all aspects of newly started businesses and will provide an objective revision of all key assumptions, assess the reality of the plan itself, identify key risks and measures needed to minimize them. We will, if needed, propose and implement all necessary activities for the successful implementation of set plans.

When starting your business IBWS provides full service regarding recruitment, selection and hiring of quality staff, as well as the professional training of employees, so that you can remain focused on other business challenges.

Candidates will be selected in accordance with job requirements, with full optimization of your resources and applying the latest assessment methodologies.

We also offer introductory training of new associates, providing them with knowledge of the company, its mission, vision and key objectives, as well as practical training, needed to perform the work specified.

Very important is also the support we provide in the area of team formation (especially management team) and in making sure that the team becomes coordinated and effective as soon as possible.

The key in establishing new business is providing necessary external financing adapted to the needs and capabilities of the client.

IBWS is covering the entire financing process for our clients: preparation of business plans, obtaining competitive financing terms, structuring financing in a way that best suits the needs of the client, preparation and review of contracts/project documentation and project monitoring.

Establishing business processes and company’s organization is complex and challenging task.

When starting a business it is essential that all processes are arranged in an correct manner, in accordance with expertise and in order to meet the set requirements, but at the same time to retain flexibility for later development and standardization without major difficulties (process management approach is mandatory in the European Union).

Well defined processes accelerate company development, help manage costs, contribute to internal order and increase the quality and overall business results.

IBWS will establish an organizational structure in accordance with the mission, vision and goals of the company, so that it can support all business processes and be consistent with the resources that the company has, by applying knowledge of process engineering and management systems, as well as best practices, following international standards and regulations.

Successful execution of the investment project is expected both by the investor and by creditor. Prerequisite for achieving the expected return on investment is proper budgeting and realistic plan of investment activities.

IBWS methodology enhances client’s budgeting process and investment activities to ensure the optimal allocation of the budget available in terms of investment, profit and return. Also, IBWS can review feasibility studies and budgeting plan before investment goes into implementation and can later on monitor all capital expenditures in relation to investment project.

IBWS secures for its clients the best terms available in the market and also structures financing to best fit the clients’ needs and capabilities (term, repayment dynamics, collateral, etc).

IBWS experts can actively negotiate with banks all financing terms, agreement and other documentation and implementation of overall debt facility, including preparation of business plans, projections, etc.

IBWS is also experienced in structuring and securing complex forms of financing such as: IPO, mezzanine and junior debt, joint venture equity, private and public bond placements and other financing structures.

IBWS is an expert in structuring project financing for clients, based on clients business idea. This includes the following: economic and financial modeling, feasibility studies, project research, negotiating terms for debt and equity financing, SPV creation, setting up financing, including loan documentation negotiation and finalization, etc. IBWS can also be engaged in later phases of project – monitoring of financials and general realization of the project.

Our approach to project financing ensures for our clients the best terms available and also structure the financing in a manner to ensure long term sustainability and profitability of the project.

IBWS consultants have lengthy experience in running corporate finance for biggest regional companies and can advise in implementing best practices and know-how.

IBWS approach is holistic and is aimed to review and optimize client’s financing in general and specific fields such as capital structure, net working capital, company cash flows, liquidity needs, financing costs, etc. IBWS can also review existing loan / leasing agreements and negotiate for better terms and/or longer maturities.

IBWS takes holistic approach in reviewing the business of a client with a goal of restructuring, stabilization and long term sustainability of business operations.

Our analysis include all business segments – from sales, commercial terms, cost optimization, organization and HR potential.

With the implementation of all business measures IBWS will also review and restructure the financial operations of the client: restructuring and optimization of the capital structure, negotiation with client’s creditors on sustainable financing conditions (price, terms, etc.), optimization of liquidity and cash flow and performing activities on minimizing financing costs, etc. IBWS consultants have successfully restructured numerous businesses and enabled their long term growth and profitable performance.

IBWS is working with lenders and other creditors to maximize recoveries from debtors – in insolvency proceedings, legal disputes,reorganization plans, etc. Should this be necessary, IBWS can be engaged by creditors for the role of procurator or supervisory board member of a distressed debtor.

IBWS can suggest operational and financing measures with a view of maximizing recoveries for its clients. IBWS can also work on debtor’s asset disposal and debt write-off and restructuring. IBWS consultants have worked on numerous debt recovery cases and have a broad variety of approaches and measures in place to achieve targeted results.

IBWS consultants have significant experience in business cases of deleveraging and liability management and have been a part of most significant debt restructurings in the region.

After running cash flows analysis in comparison to sustainable debt servicing and optimal debt and capital structure, IBWS will suggest and implement all the necessary measures with a view of deleveraging, debt write-off, factoring, etc. Measures are also aimed at improving general business performance.

IBWS can be engaged to prepare reorganization plans for clients (UPPR – Unapred pripremljen plan reorganizacije) and to monitor the execution of this plan.

The scope of our service includes all aspects and phases of the preparation and adoption of such reorganization plan, from due diligence and data audit, to communications with creditors and the adoption of the plan.

IBWS’s reorganization plan will be prepared with an aim to ensure successful implementation and long term sustainability.

IBWS has substantial know-how and implements best practices in running an effective liquidity management and liquidity planning.

We offer to our clients elaborated models to ensure detailed short-term and mid-term liquidity forecasts, taking into consideration cash flows from operations, investing, financing and other activities.

Also, major companies often need to optimize liquidity on a consolidated level. IBWS will review the case and suggest solutions for liquidity optimization.

Working capital optimization is a complex process as it requires managing various aspects of company’s business – stocks, receivables and obligations.

With adequate working capital optimization client can significantly reduce financing costs and achieve substantial amount of additional liquidity to support its business.

IBWS has elaborated tools to monitor and manage all the above aspects and provide substantial benefit for its clients.

IBWS provides advising services to help minimize the risk of your company from adverse interest rate or exchange rate movements – this comprises evaluation of risk profile, short and long term exposure analysis, suggestion of potential measures stemming from natural hedging as well as structured derivative products (swaps, forwards, caps, collars, options, etc.).

IBWS can negotiate with banks in order to ensure most price competitive and favorable solutions. IBWS can also provide hedging accounting and reporting services for its clients.

IBWS consultants have performed numerous big hedging transactions in the past amounting in total of over € 1 bn.

Credit risk is one on of the biggest problems in current macroeconomic environment and can significantly endanger company’s business.

IBWS has significant experience and possesses tools and models to monitor and manage client’s credit risk exposure. This entails preventive measures (client review, implementing of procedures, setting up limits, required collateral, monitoring etc.) as well as curative measures (debt collection, collateral enforcement, legal procedures, etc.).

Managing business performance in today’s complex and rapidly changing business climate is crucial for any organization’s short-term and long-term success.

IBWS consultants are applying best practices to improve financial budgeting and forecasting activities of your business. IBWS can assist you in preparing both short term, annual, or long term financial projections, whether for own management decisions or for external parties.

A feasibility study’s main goal is to assess the economic viability of the proposed business project and to provide answer for the question: “Does the investment make economic sense?” It is recommendable to hire a consultant to conduct the feasibility study because the consultants is independent and thus in a better position to provide an objective analysis of the proposed venture.

IBWS ensures that the study provides a thorough and objective analysis of the business opportunity, including a look at all the possible roadblocks that may stand in the way. Our feasibility study examines three main areas: market analysis, technical and organizational requirements and financial overview and reviews all financial aspects of a specific project.

We perform independent business reviews for lenders, creditors, state or shareholders. IBWS has a multidisciplinary approach and forms a team tailored to a specific project. We are reviewing operations, identify the reasons for the poor financial performance and suggest measures for improvement.

This review includes audit of business and financial segments and, if needed, also forensic analysis of operations or specific business case.

Estimating value of business requires understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors – these among others include detailed knowledge of value drivers, in-depth industry knowledge and strategic business goals.

In the event of a merger, acquisition or other business combination it is crucial to understand the value likely to be created through the transaction. IBWS will estimate the value of any business operations and suggest strategy for the maximization of business or assets.

Includes advertising vacancies and collecting applications for key positions in the company. We develop and place the job vacancy adds as well as execute administrative selection of job applications which results in significant cost optimization for the client already in the first phase of selection. Vacancy can be advertised anonymously, in full or in part, which is particularly convenient for clients in need of discretion, both in relation to their current employees as well as in relation to competition. Finding candidates is possible also by engaging in direct search which entails discreet contacts of experienced managers and experts in other companies by tapping our wide network of business contacts.

Given that the quality of staff determines the success of entire organization we recommend you to trust the recruitment process to the team of IBWS experts. Not only you will hire qualified people quickly but also you will be able to avoid favoritism and complicated relations with employees which can sometimes be very challenging.

We perform selection of the most suitable candidate using modern methods, guaranteeing discretion and individual approach in setting the relevant criteria.

The selection encompasses: analysis of the job position, recruitment and pre-selection, skill, personalities and capabilities testing, competences based interviews, presentation of the best candidates as well as reference check, report with job orientation recommendations and monitoring of the work performance.

Is your team of managers mature enough to deliver development and growth of your company? Would you like to have an insight into the level of competencies of your employees?

We are assessing level of knowledge, capabilities, skills and behavior of your personnel, comparing the obtained information to the existing competence model in your company, using leading-edge methodology (psychological tests, interviews based on aptitude, assessment centers) in order to achieve equitable and comprehensive analysis of potentials for the development of key personnel based on which we define personal development plans.

In the interest of improving efficiency and intern relationships of your manager team we are analyzing individual psychological characteristics, team relations and their competencies, using 360 degree method of performance appraisal.

Do you want to be sure that your employees are appropriately positioned in working places most suited to their competences? Do you have “the right person in the right place”?

Insight into their capabilities and limitations is essential, they need to be assigned with jobs best suited to their interests, skills and professional competencies.

IBWS team will run occupational classification tests of employee abilities, personalities and skills and suggest adequate positioning within the organization in order for them to achieve the highest possible level of performance. Our goal is not only to enhance their efficiency, but also to increase the level of employee satisfaction with their job position and company as a whole.

Company’s success is dependent upon good and well-coordinated team. IBWS team building programs contribute to strengthening team relationships, trust and respect, and creating a healthy working atmosphere and staff loyalty. They are intended for various teams and they include tailor-made content creation, event organization and execution of all activities.

They are completely customized to reflect client’s needs and lead to improved communication and cooperation, better understanding of the objectives and importance of each employee’s performance. They increase motivation and provide stress relief. We organize them when you want to reward your employees, integrate new members, define future common goals and identify strengths and weaknesses your team.

Would you like to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your organization reliably, to asses its culture and values underlying and determining relationships between employees and their attitude to business? Management of the company should have key role in the development of specific organizational culture that supports mission, vision and strategic goals of the organization. Our program includes: analysis of the current organizational culture (its characteristics, value systems), assessment of compliance between strategies and company goals on one side and organization culture on the other as well as planning and implementing a program for achieving the projected culture, which will allow for maximum effectiveness of the organization and lead to greater loyalty of employees and facilitate acceptance of their work duties.

With an aim of clearer insight of the strengths and weaknesses of the company in this segment we provide assessment based on which you will learn whether you employees are satisfied with various aspects of the job and at which level. Some of the aspects assessed are: work organization, human relations, reward system, management, working conditions, workplace, development opportunities, corporate communications…

The method includes: anonymous survey of employees (using questionnaires created in accordance with the company’s needs), analysis of obtained results and preparation of reports specifying possible improvements and recommendations for concrete actions resulting in improvement of the organizational climate.

Successful companies encourage organizational behavior focused on growth and development rather than on safety and mediocrity. That is why IBWS offers programs for the development of individual competencies, in order to increase the effectiveness of operations:

  • Setting up the system of key competencies (training programs, training and professional development)
  • Talent Management Model – selection, recruitment and development of employees of specific performances,
  • Career Development – planning of employees careers, allowing their further development and ensuring staff trace-ability,
  • Coaching – a structured, interactive support program for achieving faster results, the release of personal potential of employees (Potential – Interference = Success)

Target Group:
Middle management of large companies, top management and capital owners in small companies.

Program Duration:
Four levels, lasting four days each.

Benefits for you and your organization:

  • Improving the management of organization,processes and employees, resulting in improved business performance,
  • Development of competences for managers,
  • Improving the quality of leadership, increase of motivation and employee satisfaction,
  • Enlarging the intellectual capital of the company.

Module content:
IBWS® Team Leader

Menagement Employees Communication Personal Development
  • Decision making processes
  • The ability of giving and receiving feedback
  • Business communication and correspondence
  • Negotiation skills and influencing people
  • Management by objectives
  • Managing by objectives and motivating associates
  • Presentation skills and public performances
  • Personal efficiency training, time management and stress management
  • Change management
  • Efective Team Leadership
  • Brand Strategy
  • Efective communication and understanding of differencies
    (assertiveness training)
  • Crisis management
  • Overcoming challenges in a creative way
  • Business Ethics
  • Psychological games in business


Target Group:

Owners of smaller retail stores, managers, store managers in large retail chains..

Program Duration:

Four levels, lasting two days each.

Benefits for you and your organization:

  • improvement of business results,
  • improvement of management of retail processes and employees,
  • development of competences of managers,
  • increasing the intelectual capital of the company.

Module Content:

IBWS® Retail Manager

Management Psychology Sales and Customer Relations Business Economics
  • Management processes in retail
  • Professional communication and business etiquette
  • Sales skills in retail
  • KPI monitoring
  • Category management
  • Employee guidance (HR management)
  • Knowledge of goods sold and quality management
  • Managing losses and deficiences in business operations
  • Management of retail space and merchandising
  • Team work
  • Customer segmentation
  • Responsibility of the Retail Mangers in relation to legislature defining retail industry
  • Risk management (food safety, building safety and security, employee safety)
  • Managing conflicts and complaints
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Business planning


Target Group:

Shareholders, top and middle management, ambitious sellers / store managers who want to increase sales and all other interesents who want to improve results..

Program Duration:

Four levels, lasting two days each.

Benefits for you and your organization:

Improving business performance, competence development of employees, increasing the intellectual capital of the company.

Module Content:

IBWS® Customer Oriented Seller

Sales Process Client Relationship Communication Sales skills
  • Branding – contemporary marketing concept
  • Identifying the needs of clients
  • Effective communicationa
  • Sales skills
  • Structure of sales process
  • Client care and post-sale activities
  • Communication with various client profiles
  • Presentation skills and public appearances
  • Presentation of products and services
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • CRM tools for communication with clients
  • Skills and techniques of telephone negotiation
  • The process of negotiating the sale
  • Protection of customer rights
  • Customers remarks, avoiding and resolving conflicts in sales
  • Advanced sales skills and negotiation techniques


Target Group:

Managers wishing to improve their knowledge of finance, financial statements, financial mathematics, valuation, usage of excel tools, etc.

Program Duration:

Four levels, lasting two days each.

Benefits for you and your organization:

Improving knowledge of your managers, key for their strategic decision making, analysis and forecasting.

Module Content:

  • Basic financial concepts
  • Understanding and calculation of key economic categories and ratios (revenues, COGS, costs and expenses, depreciation, interests, gross margin, AGM, EBITDA, EBITDA/Short-term liabilities, net debt/EBITDA, net profit, tax on net income, etc.)
  • Understanding and analyzing financial reports (balance sheet, income statement, cash flows statement, changes in equity, etc.), as well as all key indicators needed for the interpretation of the above
  • Controlling of business operations, understanding key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Knowledge of basic Excel finance tools
  • Discounting, DCF analysis, WACC, financial mathematics, the concept of net present value and calculation of key ratios (ROI, IRR, ROE, etc.)
  • Feasibility studies and assessment of financial sustainability, cost-efficiency of projects, CAPEX, budgeting, execution and monitoring of investments
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Usage of Excel interest calculation, NPV, IRR, goal seek, scenarios, etc.)
  • Cash flow analysis (CF from operating activities, CF from Investing activities, CF from financing activities)
  • Planning and managing of short-term and medium-term liquidity
  • Management of net working capital (stocks, receivables, liabilities) and rotation ratios
  • Preparation of income statement and balance sheet, cash flow reports and notes to the financial statements
  • Equity and debt financing , debt placement, capital markets, financial liability management, loan amortization plans
  • Application of financial principles in real situations
  • Managing all types of financial risks (credit, intrest rate, currency, liquidity, etc.)
  • Structured financial products
  • Financial planning and forecasting – CF projections and short, medium and long term strategic planning
  • Sensitivity, VaR and Monte Carlo analyses
  • Valuation of business or business combinations
  • Using Excel to construct models


It allows for good understanding of the work and goals of the company by employees, objectively linking reward system to work performance.

It also allows for more efficient communication on achievements and greater employee motivation.

The model includes:

  • analysis of the work (tasks, responsibilities and demands of the position) determined for each company separately, and provides data for the performance evaluation and rewarding employees;
  • defining evaluation criteria and creation of the questionnaire for the evaluation of work performance;
  • creation of an adequate system of rewards and its implementation in the organization.

Adequately motivated employees better meet targeted objectives and have a higher degree of loyalty. In order for businesses to be successful it is essential that their activities are directed towards achieving objectives.

We offer implementation of the goal based leadership model, by the application of techniques that enable the breakdown of objectives (goals) from the top of the organization to each employee individually.

IBWS model includes:

  • Defining objectives at the corporate level and breakdown of general objectives by processes,
  • Setting up HR strategy in line with the general objectives,
  • Training of line managers to determine the goals of each employee,
  • Setting up management system by objectives and monitoring of their implementation.

With the help of IBWS model of monitoring employees’ performance and rewarding in accordance with the results achieved, you will be able to generate profit and create a salary system which will be stimulating for your employees.

IBWS model involves the design and the implementation of a performance based system (definition of criteria, construction tools and monitoring application) which provides that employees are rewarded according to the results achieved.

The model provides information for management on work behavior of employees (on the basis of which the selection of managerial personnel, planning, training, relocation associates, etc is performed). The model also gives the employees feedback on their work, improves the relationship with the supervisor, motivates through the possibility of higher earnings, provides insight into the need for additional education, and strengthens employee self-confidence and self-esteem.

Participation in organization results is defined in three levels:

  • as individual, measured by the personal goals of the individual and as such it represents variable part of the monthly salary of the employee,
  • as a group, measured by the success of a profit center in relation to the profit center plan,
  • as participation in profits dependent on the organization’s objectives, which are determined by annual plans.

By using this integrated model we directly increase profits for the owners of the capital, despite participation of the key personnel. In addition the loyalty of employees is increased and awareness that everyone is participating in the success is improved.

Fact that it is often ignored in practice is that good communication with business partners is a prerequisite for success of the company and this must in any case be a two-way communication.

By using a variety of communication tools IBWS informs business partners with strategic objectives and important business events of its clients. On the other hand IBWS actively analyses their view of the client.

Also, through referrals mechanisms IBWS helps companies to strengthen their relationship with the target audience.

Communication with the company shareholders is governed by law and by the Founding Act of the organization. However, in practice, communication errors with shareholders occur very often due to lack of communication strategy. This, in most cases leads to unilateral or mutual dissatisfaction and mistrust which eventually results in poor business results and termination of co-operation between owners and managers.

IBWS establishes clear communication channels, integrated with the company’s plans and systems of authority and responsibility, ensuring that results of the organization improve in the short term to the satisfaction of both owners and management / employees.

Business environment, created among others by state institutions, is important for conducting business operations of any company. Communication with this targeted public, from local to national level, is particularly important at the beginning of operations in new markets.

IBWS offers concepts and tools for partnership development and improvement of communication with state institutions, which positively affects the development of the company and its business results. IBWS communication strategy also covers the organization of thematic events and company involvement in creation and development of relevant legal framework.

For the company to be successfully positioned it is essential that communication activities are aligned with brand strategy and to recognize local social groups and institutions that would be compatible with the company’s brand culture.

High investment in CRS projects will not necessarily guarantee the successful positioning of the company. IBWS has excellent understanding of the characteristics of the local community and its needs, which is a key prerequisite for successful positioning of the client in a social environment.

IBWS team of experts will recommend community and social institutions that need to be targeted and supported through CRS projects. IBWS team will also locate and implement the optimal communication channels.

In order to achieve business objectives it is important to constantly work on improving the quality of communication with employees, being a basis on which trust and good cooperation is built.

IBWS services ensure that relevant information is quickly and efficiently forwarded from higher hierarchical levels to lower ranking colleagues, and develop environment in which communication flows freely also in the opposite direction – from employees to management.

Satisfaction of all stakeholders in the business process is of great importance for successful and long-term stable business operations.

Good social dialogue involves partnership negotiations and sharing information on all relevant issues related to the operations and working conditions provided by the employer with employee representatives and representative trade unions.

IBWS consultants have years of experience in creating and managing successful social dialogue in large business systems, dialogue based on knowledge, negotiating skills and mutual respect for partners. IBWS achieves reduction in tensions and conflicts as well as the establishment of mutual trust and long-term partnership with trade unions through well structured and guided dialogue and exchange of arguments.

Modern companies are focused mainly on communication and quality of services provided to their external customers. Much less attention is paid to the quality of service between internal customers (organizational units).

Special IBWS methodology evaluates the quality of services provided by individual organizational units to another.

Based on these finding, we establish the area for improvements of the organization, processes and communication, and we implement measures that lead to process optimization, increase in efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of employees.

Successful companies pay great deal of attention to quality of internal communication as it contributes to better people relations, increases employee motivation and creates desirable image.

Efficient communication has to be planned, systematic and it needs to provide qualitative and timely information to employees. Otherwise, the informal communication prevails which is difficult to manage.

Information has to be valid, summarized, easy to understand and transparent. IBWS will create the system of internal communication and develop modern ways of communication best suited to your company.

Setting up new company or entering into new national or local market, carries a number of challenges that need to be identified on time. One needs to posses proper mix of tools to achieve desired positioning of the company.

Through adequate set up and efficient implementation of the communication strategy we create conditions to start client’s business operations as successfully as possible.

IBWS offers to newly established companies the development of a strategy proposal with external and internal communications, as well as supervising of its implementation. This helps companies to avoid potential risks of entering the market and enables optimisation of initial investment.

Successful integration requires good knowledge of the characteristics of companies that are being integrated, as well as thorough preparation with defined dynamics and communication messages tailored to each stage of integration.

Communication strategy for integration processes prepared by IBWS provides companies with comprehensive approach and significantly increases chances of succesful integration.

Communication in all stages of integration is controlled by IBWS, and in this way the company receives an objectiveview of the status of the integration process.

Constant brand development (being of essential importance for success of any company) must have clearly defined goals and steps that need to be completed in order to achieve desired brand positioning.

Mistakes made in brand development can have serious consequences, and correction usually requires significant additional investments with uncertain outcome.

IBWS is offering comprehensive communication strategy for brand development which is comprising both external and internal public, with the use of customized communication messages and channels. We also monitor the implementation of all the steps of the agreed strategy.

There are many characteristics common to all markets of South-East Europe, which enables this region to be observed as a whole with all its local specifics.

What characterizes the region is that the communication channels (media) largely cover more markets and this is the potential to be exploited by regional companies.

IBWS is offering such regional companies the creation and implementation of integrated communication strategy providing synergies and optimizing investments. Strategy implementation is monitored and regionally coordinated by IBWS in all SEE countries.

Companies are affected daily by many negative internal and external factors which can lead to disruptions in regular business operations.

This further results in crisis situations that management should anticipate on time and react properly in order to avoid or to minimize their adverse effects.

IBWS develops reaction procedures in crisis situations tailored to each specific company as the existence of clear rules and speed of crisis recognition are key factors in any crisis communication.

Through the development of crisis communications plan and by monitoring its implementation IBWS quickly and efficiently assist company management so that crisis situations are resolved successfully and in a timely manner.

The success of any integration process is highly dependent on the quality of communication between different audiences, before the start of integration, during and after integration is complete.

As there are no two identical integration projects, the communication processes are not universal eather. They should be adapted to the type of integration with the identification of key process points, through adequate information presented to employees and to external public.

IBWS consulting team has successfully led several complex integration projects and can help companies to set up communication with essential recognition of all cultural characteristics and defining key topics and moments of communication.

Company events can be useful tool in communicating with internal and external public and they generally contribute to the improvement of company’s image.

These events should be designed and adapted to target public with focused communication messages.

Since these events are “the face of the company”, it is very important to manage them carefully with detailed analysis of all phases and associated communications.

Great experience of IBWS team in designing and execution of corporate events will ensure that the corporate topics are presented to the public in the right way, along with the proposal of the desired style and communication channels.

Lobbying has long been used as a legitimate tool, enabling communication messages to reach the relevant institutions, targeted public and to influence public opinion.

For success of this process it is important to set the correct strategy with clearly defined problem, objective and implementation plan.

Our consultants help companies take advantage of this tool in the best way, through the development of tailored lobbying strategies and guidance on appropriate lobbyists and lobbying groups, as well as personal involvement of consultants in the implementation of listed communication objectives.

Mr. Tatjana Knežević, senior consultant in the field of HR management at IBW Strategy, was certified for application of the model of integrated diagnostic system for improving organizational culture and effectiveness by the Human Synergistics Internationale©. This model provides insight, measurement and changing styles of behavior, and affects the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organizations. It is one of the most modern and the most fundamental approaches for measuring organizational culture in the world, whose authors are Dr. Robert Cooke and Dr. Clayton Lafferty.

Numerous studies and practice today clearly indicates that organizational culture is a critical factor in the long-term success and sustainability of the organization, because it provides adequate implementation of the set strategy, through constructive behavior and positive attitude of employees towards work colleagues and clients.

The combined use of a questionnaire for determining the organizational culture (OCI) and effectiveness of the organization (OEI) is applied through: knowledge about the current culture, climate and effectiveness of the organization, defining the ideal culture which in the opinion of top management contributes to the realization of strategies and achieve our objectives, then identify and leverage changes barriers to adaptability of organizations, employee involvement and organizational effectiveness and develop strategies to build highly effective organizational culture.

More about the methodology you can read here.

Constructive organizational culture fosters teamwork, cooperation, fairness in reward, encourages respect for all members and gives constructive feedback. It also designs working assignments that gives employees a sense of achievement. Constructive cultures and constructive values ​​increase motivation, job satisfaction and employees intentions to remain in the organization. It also affects the employees to do the best they can because they want to and not just as much as needed in order to “survive”.

The procedure involves filling out the Questionnaire for determining the ideal organizational culture® (OCI Ideal) by top management, which defines the ideal organizational culture, a culture which, in their opinion, would contribute to the realization of strategies and achieve objectives. Next step includes research participants filling out the Questionnaire for determining the organizational culture ® (OCI current), which measures the perception of current organizational culture present in the organization. Based on the data from the completed questionnaires, the participants jointly create two CIRCUMPLEX profiles, with the help of methodology Human Synergistics, which represent the ideal and the current culture of the organization.

CIRCUMPLEX profiles provide an overview of the results by crossing two dimensions – the type of needs that underlie behavior and focus on tasks or people. Results are presented through 12 behaviors grouped into 3 types of culture:

  • Constructive – proactive, which promotes personal responsibility and accountability, encourages innovation and evaluates performance,
  • The defensive culture – (passive / defensive and aggressive / defensive), in which it is more important to an individual how do other people see their appearance than what they are really doing, the focus is on guilt and the offender, which contributes for maintaining the status quo.

IBWS also possesses professional legal team and offers to its clients comprehensive legal support and services in the area of corporate law, including high profile transactions and services.

Hence, IBWS business and financial advisory services also comprise legal support and implementation of transactions and services (M&A and other structured transactions, integration processes, business and financial restructuring, real-estate and company purchaces, exit strategy and implementation, debt placement and project financing, reorganisation plans, debt settlement, etc.)


Our lawyers cover the following areas:

  • General corporate law and services
  • Commercial law
  • Legal disputes, arbitrage procedures, criminal law
  • Labor law and employee disputes
  • Debt settlement
  • Legal advice regarding regulations and procedures
  • Strategic and structured transactions
  • Mergers & aquisitions, statutory changes
  • Company restructuring, reorganisations plans
  • Competition and antitrust law
  • Foreign direct investments
  • Real estate law
  • Legal due diligence
  • Insurance
  • Intelectual property
  • Privatization
  • Tax law
  • International agreements, etc.


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